THE GREASE BOX safely stores grease away from kids and pets while keeping your wood pellet grill clean.

    Our 3- part assembly easily allows you to replace your standard grease pail with a stable, locking GREASE BOX in just a few minutes using only a standard screwdriver.

    THE GREASE BOX is a sturdy assembly that is welded and powder coated for a high quality and long lasting replacement of your old grease pail. Our product offers a firm handle to remove the grease contents and a locking device to prevent any unwanted spills caused by kids, pets or outdoor elements. The bottom bucket is sealed to capture the grease drippings that can easily be wiped out or lined with our silicone box liner.

    Our patented design was created to be used on a variety of Wood Pellet Grills
    check compatible grills.

    Upgrade your Wood Pellet Grill with a safe and clean accessory with THE GREASE BOX pail replacement.
  • Will my foil liners for the grease pail fit in the grease box?

    Yes, the grease box was designed to fit most foil liners. We do however, recommend our reusable silicone liners, check out our store on Shopify for details!
  • Can I move the wood pellet grill with the grease box installed?

    Yes, however the cleanest way would be to first empty the grease contents out of the box to ensure that it is a clean process!
  • Does the grease box fit underneath the grill cover?

    Yes! The grease box should fit under most standard grill covers.
  • Why should I get a grease box?

    Because having a swinging metal pail on your wood pellet grill isn’t cool. Get a secure solve with the grease box.
  • Will the grease box fit my wood pellet grill?

    The grease box mounts to most all wood pellet grills with a side spout! Please see the “compatibility” tab to see if your grill is listed.
  • How do I install my grease box?

    Click the assembly tab for step by step photos that will show you how to install your grease box. A phillips screwdriver is all that is needed!